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    Techno Furniture always emphasize on quality of our office chairs, and we maintain our promise to be one of the best office chairs supplier in Malaysia. Techno Furniture offers the basic and functional office clerical chairs as a basic addition to any offices. Our celrical chairs are designed and constructed with simple construction and lightweight for functions and mobility. These chairs are designed with one piece ergonomic for back hugging feel. The chair are easy to seat for long hours due to the lumbar support construction in design. Techno’s clerical chair is designed and constructed with one piece mesh construction, and they are available in different materials, colours and design to make sure you find an office chair that fits to your office interior design. The chair comes with a proper metal base of 4 / 5 pedestal for good mobility and strong stability. Our clerical office chairs have the basic features such as armrests and adjustable seat height for good functionality. These chairs are promised to be a modern and functional addition to any office spaces.