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Choosing The Ideal Custom Made Office Furniture

Office Furniture

The office is a place where people spend most of their day in, it is also, where most deals that directly affect your business will be made. For this reason, it needs to be appealing and as comfortable as possible. It directly reflects the image of a company. The right office furniture will ensure that you achieve the right image for your company. more

Choosing The Ideal Office Furniture for Your Office

In order to enhance the productivity and efficiency of your employees, it is important to make your office comfortable and lively. When it comes to designing office interior, you can not overlook the importance of office furniture. Well designed offices with high quality, durable and comfortable furniture also improve the aesthetic appeal of your working area. more

Custom Made Furniture in Malaysia

We used to have stainless steel cabinets and painted doors, topped up with some laminated desk tops and workstations around to give the office space a formal look. Sounds familiar? This may just be the typical office setup one can find in Malaysia. At Techno Furniture we understand some people just want to stand out of the crowd, to make the office a lively environment to work in. more

Finding The Perfect Office Chairs

Buying an office chair for yourself is not something you should take lightly. Regardless of whether you are a top corporate or a one-man army kind of person working from home, the process you will go through when buying an office chair is still the same. It is necessary to acknowledge the fact that there is no best office chair in this world, as everyone is different. However, there is certainly a best chair out there for you. Let’s have a look at what you should consider when buying an office chair for yourself. more

How to Select the Right Partition for Your Office Space

Choice of office furniture is perhaps one of the most critical decisions involved in setting up a workplace. Whether you are planning to set up an office to operate from home or getting an office space for your organization, choosing the appropriate furniture can go a long way in enhancing productivity by lending an overall positive vibe to the place. After all, your work place is where you and members of your staff will spend at least 40-45 hours a week. more

Office Chairs in Malaysia

The tendency for business owners to overlook on office chairs is very high. Business owners are willing to spend big bucks on renovating the office and lobby area, carpeted floors with LED lightings all around to make the company look elegant and save a few dings on what we call a “lousy” chair. more

Tips When Selecting Office Chairs in Malaysia

Your office is a very important component of your business. This is where you will entertain visitors and potential business clients. You therefore have to ensure that your office is in tip top shape when you have clients and business partners over. When selecting an office chairs supplier in Malaysia there are certain things that have to be taken in to consideration so that the venture is successful. more

Office Partition in Malaysia

Offices partitions help divide spaces and sectors in an open office plan. The idea is to allow employees to work under an extent of privacy while maintaining collaboration in an open communicative environment. Open plan and office partition system…more

Office System Furniture in Malaysia

The biggest challenge in assembling office system furniture is to be flexible yet functional at the same time. Techno Furniture is very sophisticated in creating cost effective and easy installation in today’s office environment….more