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Office open plan partitions is now commonly adopted by many office especially small companies. Most of the partition used is fabrics, which need consistent cleaning and maintenance. However, many people neglected or don’t bother of cleaning office partitions on regular basis. We always assume that office cleaners in charge will do the job during cleaning hours. But your employees may begin complaining the dust in the office. You didn’t want your very important client see this when visiting the office. It’s time to clean up your office partitions thoroughly. As a office furniture manufacturer, below are some tips to help you clean office partition effectively.

Before start on cleaning, begin the step by removing dust and dirt from the partition with a dry cloth. After finished, use a vacuum to clean the dirt out from office carpet. It is recommended to attach brush to clean the partition wall incase you missed any dust on top. Then, you may start cleaning with water and detergent.

Next, prepare a bucket of warm water with half a cup of laundry detergent. Mix the solution until the foam forms on the surface of water. Do not use strong detergent as it may damage the fabric of partition. Use a clean sponge and dip into the mixture, wring out the excess water and scrub the office partition gently. Clean it with circular motion to avoid damage to the partition and make sure you start from the bottom to top.

When cleaning the office partitions, you may notice marks or stain on it and you may wish to remove it easily. To remove the stain, mix two tablespoons of bleach and four cups of water. Test the solution on unnoticeable small area of the partition, such as under the desk. If discolouration happens, do not continue use it to remove the stain. Use a clean sponge and dip into the solution, clean it gently by blot at the stain until it disappears. Do not wipe or rub the mark as it may cause the stain to spread.

The next step after cleaning process is rinse. To rinse the office partition walls, prepare a clean bucket with cool water. Get a cloth and dip it into the bucket, wring out the excess water, wipe the partition with downward direction to remove the soap and stain remover. When the cloth becomes dry and dirty, dip it back into the bucket then rinse and repeat. Use some towel to pat the office partitions dry. Some partitions are made with cardboard in the middle which cannot get too wet, so it is important to remove as much the water from the wall as possible. You can also aim some office fans available at the wall to help speed up the drying duration of the fabric.

After cleaning, you may spray fabric or upholstery stain protector on the office partitions. The chemical help to prevent stain and dust from gathering on the office furniture in the future, which also keep it look like new one.

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