Comfortable Working in Open Plan Office

To effectively accommodate the staff in the office, open plan office had become a popular choice with affordable cost. When the office space has limited area, open plan office is especially a good option. Setting up open plan office may be attractive to owner, but it can be a nightmare for some employees. The distraction such as noise and foot traffic can be a negative impact to work productivity. The largest benefit of open plan office is help on creating a company culture of collaboration and teamwork. To effectively functioning open plan office, there are few tips to share with you.

Improve Noisy Workspace

When a company is adopting open plan office, one of the common complaints is the noise especially when someone is on conversation. According to a study in 2002, most of us can filter most noises but conversation or speech is almost impossible to ignore. There is various form of sound masking available in the market, by installing the system in the ceiling. The price might be unaffordable for smaller company, but you can choose sound masking device that attached to furniture or tall poles around the area. This can help on cutting down the noise level significantly.

Planning the Best Layout

Every employee wants their own privacy. Panel based office open plan partitions offer employees privacy and reduce the noise. With this arrangement, a cubicle area can be share with two to four employees. If the space allow, each employee may have own cubicle are. This setting can help reduce the interruptions and distraction during work time. Employees can also decorate their individual area.

Foot Traffic and Conversations

Foot traffic and conversation is something we can’t avoid in office, especially open plan office. To discuss some issue with other colleagues, you need to walk through the working area. It is important to show some respect to other by speaking quietly when communicating. If you have a long discussion or group meeting to go on, make use of conference room.

Make Use of Conference Rooms

Conference room is a useful space especially for open plan office. Many companies make use of conference room when they need a quiet place to work, meeting client for discussion, or team member meeting to discuss project. This can encourage productivity and minimize distraction in open plan office.

Be considerate to Colleagues

Planning open plan office is challenging, but when it is effectively managed it can be benefits to the company as well as the staff. Every working relationship need to be considerate with some give and take. Management should help the staff and use creative way to bring them in to the environment. You may use headphones or quiet room to avoid distraction of foot traffic and conversation on work.

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