Creating Modern Office Environment

Most of us would like a comfortable and trendy office to work as it can improve our productivity. Office environment is important as it also affect company image when clients or visitor come to the office. Don’t have any idea to create a modern office environment? As a leading office furniture supplier in Malaysia, Techno Furniture would like to discuss with you the elements of a modern office environment.

Space Planning

The most important step of creating modern office is planning space. If you would like to create an office that most people wish to work there, this first requirement is have enough spaces for each individual. Not only the workers in the office, you should also consider reception space where your visitors and guest come in the office. The area need extra place for them to sit while waiting to be serve. A modern office should have enough space for employees and visitors, include some empty space too. If the area does not have any empty spaces, it will look messy and people will be having trouble to move around in the office.

Office Structure

In a modern office, the structural should be efficient and effective for employees, management, customers, and visitors. When planning the office structure, consider separating the space according function. If you are operating big company, you will have marketing department, accounting department, human resource department, and sales department. Group the same department’s employees at one place to allow them work closer to each other. By seated together, they can easily discuss working matters and increase productivity.

Space Decoration

Allowing employees to decorate the office a good way of creating modern office environment. You wouldn’t want your employees work for 7 – 8 hours continuously without relaxing for a while walking around in the office to release the stress or take a break. To avoid the employees feeling working in a jail, it is important to decorate the office with some element to relax the mind. Hang up some painting on the wall and arrange some indoor plants at different corner to make the space feels lively. Employees can also bring some personal stuff to decorate their working table.

Office Lighting

Not to neglect, office lighting has a big impact on employees’ working productivity. Researches show that human works better under natural light lighting compared with artificial lighting. Install windows for your office to allow natural light go into indoor space. If it is impossible for you to do so, make sure you install sufficient artificial lighting as the alternative of natural sunlight.

Working Desk Connectivity

Another key elements of a modern office environment is the connectivity of working desk. It is important to connect the cubicle or office table with each other because none of the employees could complete the work without involving other colleagues from same or different department. Connecting the cubicle or office table can allow the employees move around and reach other in the office easily.

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