How to Choose the Best Office Workstation for Your Office

You can work smoothly throughout the day if the workstation in your office is right but it can be a miserable day if it is not appropriate. When you want to change your office furniture then you will have to consider a few things to choose the best workstation according to your requirements. The office workstation you chose must meet the requirements of your job. Its size should fit the space available in your office and it should be durable and long lasting in the work environment of your office.

You can find a wide range of office furniture in the market. Some of the important things you must consider while choosing the best office workstation for you are briefly discussed in this write-up.

Recognize the use of your workstation

While choosing office furniture the first thing to consider is the way you are going to use it.

For computer work:
If you are looking for a workstation to use a computer then it must be specifically designed for this purpose. It must have a compartment or space underneath to put the CPU of your PC. It must have channels or holes for electrical wiring to connect your PC to the mains in a safe and tidy manner.

For paperwork:
If you want to use your workstation for piling important papers, or bulky books, or work on spreadsheets then it must have a spacious top. You can also look for a workstation with an overhead cabinet or shelving options.

For working in your home-office:
In today’s work-from-home environment you should also choose the best office workstation for your home office. It will help in keeping your home as well as office declutter and tidy. If you set your office in your family room or bedroom then an L-shaped desk can be the best choice for you.

For a combined use for computer, paperwork, and meetings: To carry out all of these works an L-shaped workstation can be the best choice for your office. However, if you have enough space and budget then you can also opt for a U-shaped workstation.

For tight space:
If you have limited space in your office then a mobile computer cart or a compact desk can be the right choice for you.

Consider your tools and style of working

The next important thing to consider while choosing the best office workstation is your working style and the tools you usually use. A neat and tidy workstation can improve your efficiency than a messy workstation. Even a small desk can meet your requirements if you keep it tidy. The size of your work desk should allow you to access your tools easily without any additional effort.

Space and ergonomics

While choosing the best office furniture you should also consider its ergonomics and space required for it. Your desk should provide enough space for your legs. From the floor, the standard height of a workstation is 29-30 inches. When you sit behind your desk then it must provide you three feet to three and a half feet wider space so that you can easily organize your essentials on it.

If you are using this desk for operating your PC then it must allow you to put your keyboard at a comfortable height so that you can use it without straining your shoulders and back. The platform for the keyboard should be large enough to use your mouse also.

Your desk should also allow you to keep the materials and equipment within your reach so that you can access them comfortably and easily.

The surface of the workstation

Office workstations usually have different types of top surfaces like metal, steel, laminated and wood, etc. You should know their pros and cons while choosing the right surface for your workstation.

Steel or metal surface:
Desks with steel or metal surface are considered the best for high traffic or heavy use environments as they last longer and are very reasonably priced. You should consider the weight and other features of the desk with steel or metal surface to buy the best one.

An office desk with a laminated surface is most popular these days due to its plastic-like looks. It is considered better than the desks made of pure wood due to its affordable cost and long life. It can withstand abuse while using it daily if high-quality thick laminate is used on it that can bear high pressure.

Veneer or wood:
The desks with veneer or wood surface usually look attractive but are liked less in today’s work environment. They are more delicate, heavier in weight, and expensive. Moreover, on desks with veneer surfaces, a base of inferior wood is used to paste a thin layer of wood veneer which can damage easily with time.

Durability and quality

The drawers in the office workstation can improve its quality and usability. You should be able to close and open the drawers easily even if they have weight in them. You can use the entire space in your drawers if you can pull it out to its full length.

An interlocking construction of high-quality wood drawers makes them stronger than the drawers made by using glue and staples. While buying a metal or steel desk you should check the operation of its drawers. The desk is not right for you if there is a gap between the drawer and the desk while closing it.

Check the edges and corners of the desk. They should not be sharp to hurt you or your colleagues.

Sit-stand desk

If you want to improve your efficiency, creativity, and health while working in your office then you can opt for this type of desk. It can be harmful to your mind and body if you sit throughout the day even if your office furniture is the most ergonomic. A Sit-Stand desk will allow you to work even while standing as well as sitting so that you can relieve your muscles easily.

So, if you are planning to replace your office furniture then you must visit anytime to find the furniture of your choice. Our experts can also help you with choosing the perfect office workstation according to your needs.

Choosing the Right Office Workstation in Malaysia