How to Organize an Office Cabinet

Organizing your office space can be a hectic task, but you can do it properly if you have a bit time in hand. You can start with the cabinets in your workplace. As you have so many files, stationaries scattered around you, you need to arrange them as they are required.

If you leave them on the desk, you will not find the exact thing when needed. So it’s best to organize the office cabinets first. Also, there are computer wires and if they lay around the office cubicles, anyone will trip over it. So with the cabinet, you have to arrange the wires into it. So let’s check the tips.

Gather important things:

The first thing you have to do to fill up the office cabinets is to get rid of things that you don’t need. Empty The baskets that are filled with garbage but set aside the items you need in the cabinets. You have to take one place at a time. If you haven’t used one thing for a long time, but you need it, keep it aside. This is applicable for furniture, supplies and equipment. If you are short on cabinets or office chair or desks you can buy the same from Techno. They are the best and reliable supplier of every kind of office supply.

Wipe away dust:

You must not forget wiping the dust over the files, ledgers and other things you intend to put into the cabinets. Clean every surface and make your office look squeaky clean. This will not only help you avoid germs and keep a healthy atmosphere also it will assist you to arrange the cabinets properly. After this, you have to level the shelves, drawers, and bins.

Must have a meeting folder:

When you are arranging things you must have office cabinets that will work as the meeting folder. You have to put all the ongoing items. The pending decisions, the things you have to hand over to others and the reports you haven’t presented. However, you have to keep the files based on their requirement and urgency. You have to keep the important ones closer and then the other date wise.

Waiting on response cabinet:

You must have a cabinet where you can put the files and papers that are waiting for a response. If you have clients who are delaying in their response, you can arrange a cabinet for those folders only. This will help you find the specific one whenever you need it. You can check on the same and follow up after a few days once the client responds.

Archived file cabinets:

Keep an archived files cabinet. This will help you declutter other places and your storage space will increase. The archived ones will not get mixed with important folders.

Magazine folder:

Business or workplace means you must have some magazines lying around here and there. Gather them in one cabinet and keep them date wise. This will help you and others to check them out and look for them in different places. You can offer magazines to visitors and clients.

Complete project cabinet:

You must have two or three office cabinets that will serve as the folder for complete projects. Once a task is done, you can arrange them alphabetically or date wise in the cabinets. This will help you find them later. You will find such useful storage options from Techno.

Label the cabinets:

You have arranged the files according to your need, but if you do not label them, you will get lost. You must put a label on each cabinet. You can mention the filing type as it can be alphabetical, numerical or based on dates, and urgency. This way your employees can find the right folder and bring the exact paperwork they need.

Clean the desk cabinets:

After arranging the file cabinets, now you have to de-clutter the desk storages. Re-arrange the things as you need them. Put only the essential things you need for a daily basis. If you do not need some items from the desk drawers, throw them out. Organize the desktop folders, arrange them as you will require them later. Make sure there is a wire cabinet too. This will help you avoid accidents.


Clear the piles and put them in designated office cabinets with labels. Make sure you have a drawer for mails and keep that cabinet closer to you. Also, for more storage cabinet options in the office, you can purchase the same from Techno.

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