Managing Office Table

Some of us may have pile of papers on the desk or layers of sticky notes framed on the computer monitor. Sometimes, you may also have trouble remembering where you put the important documents. It is important to keep your office table uncluttered as they impacting your work efficiency more than expected. Having a messy office table can reduce productivity and cause you lose the important documents where you will start bothering your employees. Luckily, you can get back with little planning before the table starts messing up. In this article, we will be sharing you a few tips of re-organize your office table.

Clean Your Desk Weekly

To keep your office table clean and neat, consider cleaning once a week. By cleaning weekly, you will stay away from clutter as things does not accumulate over time and become too much to handle in one time. Set a reminder if needed every week to tidy up your office table. Spend around 15 minutes every week to clean up the table. Throw away unwanted pieces and organize the paperwork which placed on the table by filing up them.

Stay Away From Piles

Many people have the thought that piles are effective way to organize the document. However, piles may not reduce clutter but making the situation worse. The piles can be increase which ends up covering the office table surface. This is also helpful for organizing other items such as office supplies and books. To avoid things overflow on the table, give all the items a specific zone. You may control the number of item in the area to avoid piling up again.

Avoid Using Office Table as Storage Space

To effectively keep your office table neat and clean, only place the frequently used items on the surfaces. Items like pens, staplers and paper should be place in a container, drawer, and filing cabinets. This can help you to keep important things on office table surface, such as computer, keyboard, phone, writing utensil holder, notebook, drinking cup, and one personal item.

Organize The Area Around Your Office Table

To manage your office table, it shouldn’t be restricted only the surface. The area around the table is also equally important as well when organizing your items. When cleaning the table, do clean the floor around the table too. Things like gym bags and extra shoes can make you seat looks chaotic. To let your space looks tidier, get a hook in your office to hang coats, bags, and umbrella. You may also check if there is other space in the office where you can put these items.

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