Office Design Tricks That Improve Productivity At Work

Being focus and stay focused in work is very important, especially when wanted to be productive. The working environment plays a big role, which is not just about Feng Shui but the results of getting things done. There are studies on workplace and productivity shows that the factor that affects employees’ focus ability is the physical environment. Check out the factors that you can improve to increase your productivity at workplace, even a little adjustment on office furniture or interior design.

Sufficient Lighting In The Space

To stay focused and feeling inspired, the sufficient lighting is very important, which most of us might overlooked or ignored. A space with insufficient lighting can cause fatigue, eyestrain, and headaches. For people who work in office, you might have no control on lighting in the office. If your office is lack of lighting system, consider of bringing natural light bulbs or table lamp. If you are working in home office, keep the windows and doors open to let the natural light in. Make sure you have lamps available during cloudy days or at night.


Consider Ergonomic When Choosing Office Table And Office Chair

If you are moving yourself by adjusting and stretching to stay focused during work, it may cause by table and chair which doesn’t fit you well. Many of us spend most of the working time sitting infront working desk, which probably hurts our body. To avoid feeling uncomfortable and stay focused during work, consider about ergonomic for your office furniture. Keep your eyes away of computer screen from 24-36 inches and the top of monitor should stay below or same as eye level.

To choose the right chair, make sure you choose adjustable office chair. This can reduce pressure and minimize lower back pain. Put a pillow behind your back if needed.  Make sure your feet laying flat on the floor when sitting on the chair. Place a stool under the desk to rest your feet if the office chair is not adjustable.

Keep Office Space Uncluttered

You might under-estimate the importance of keeping your office space neat, but it can lead you to creative. If you are working in company office, keep your environment around you clean. Spend 5 or 10 minutes every day to tidy up the space before going back home. Keep things back to original place and file up the document on the table. For home office, consider of hiring professional cleaning service to clean up weekly.

Choose The Right Colour

Professional found that the colour around us may affect out mood and brain function. In the other words, choosing the right colour for your office is important as it affect employees’ productivity. When choosing colour for corporate office, use the colour that inspire you and keep you stay focused. Consider of using postcards, magazine cutouts to decorate the empty wall. For home office, you can choose working table with colour and pictures with specific colour. According to interior designer suggestion, pine colour can increases alertness, while cinnamon colour improves our focus. They also believe that lavender colour helps on relax you during a stressful work day.

Creating Modern Office Environment