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Most of us will be spending lots of time in the office. Choosing the right office furniture is important, as it make us comfortable and relaxed as possible during work. When mention about the right office furniture, it doesn’t only mean getting latest design of desks and chairs, it means getting the right size that fit your space well. Before purchasing any office furniture, it is priority to consider the furniture dimension. Most of the office furniture manufacturer will check with you the measurement and planning of placement before giving recommendation and confirming the order.

The basic furniture pieces needed for office are working desks and chairs. There are different types of office desks available in the market. There are also chairs specially designed for each type of working desk. The standard height of working desk is 29 inches. Below are the guidelines of choosing office desk according to different job types.

The general measurement for Telemarketing desks is about twenty-four inches wide by forty-five inches long. For Assistant’s or Secretary’s desk, the general measurement is thirty inches wide by forty-eight inches long.

The sales or administrative desk is slightly longer compared with other desk. This desk is approximately thirty inches wide by sixty inches long. The additional length allows for more space to handle documents and place office supplies frequently needed by sales associates and administrative clerks or officers.

Manager’s desk is generally a bit longer than the other standard desks. The approximate measurement of manager’s desk is thirty inches wide by sixty-six inches long. There are several dimensions available for executive or top management desk. The measurement starts with thirty inches width and going up to thirty-six inches by sixty-six inches in length up to seventy-two inches long.

To match the office desk dimension, there are also different measurements of chairs available in the market. There are at least 3 types of chairs, which is desk chairs, executive chairs and computer chairs. The desk and chairs combinations help to increase the work effectiveness and productions.

Essentially, desk chairs are around twenty inches in width, nineteen and one-half inches in depth and about three inches thick. The back size measurement is approximately twenty-two and one-half inches wide by twenty-six inches high. The height of desk chairs is adjusted and the minimum height is eighteen and one-half inches up to twenty-two and one-half inches.

Executive chairs are usually assigned for company officers, managers, CEOs and Vise President. The measurement of an executive chair is approximately twenty-three inches wide by forty-eight up to fifty-one inches high by twenty-seven inches deep. The seats of executive chairs are about twenty and one-half inches wide by eighteen and one-half inches deep. The back widths are commonly about eighteen inches in width and thirty-one inches in height.

The usual measurement of computer chairs is approximately around eighteen inches in width by seventeen inches in depth for the seat while the back size is around sixteen inches wide and fourteen inches high. The height is adjustable from seventeen inches to twenty-one inches.

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