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One of the important elements of your office is the interior design. Office interior design, also known as corporate interior design included designing of office, workplaces, meeting rooms, and space organizations. A corporate interior design task may include redesign floors of office space by turning empty space into a well-designed office. You may get more ideas on corporate interior design by browsing online or talk to some interior design company and office interior specialist.

Most of the corporate interior design or office furniture manufacturer in Malaysia includes services of planning, implementation and completion of these tasks. Below are the elements to take note for your office interior design before the progress start.

  • Flooring
    You will need to decide whether to get carpeting or flooring to enhance the interior designs. Choose the material and colour that suit your office design. The quality must be durable too to avoid damage after long period especially if you are using wheel office chairs.
  • Space Utilization
    Utilize all the space wisely by planning your office interior design. Make sure you got all the measurement of your office space before do any further planning. It is extremely important especially if you have a small office space.
  • Color Theme and Decoration
    Set a colour theme for your office interior design, include wall, door, and furniture. You may select single colour for all the furniture and upholstery, or two colour for walls and furniture. You may also use company corporate colour as guide which reflect your organisation’s unique style. To make your office looks lively, you may put some plants or lights at different corner.
  • Furniture
    The way to place your office furniture is very important too. You should now have the measurement of your office, and you will need to decide the furniture according to the size too. For example, a meeting room needs to accommodate many people, so you will need to purchase a large table with chairs around. There are variable furniture types available in the market made of different material, such as wood, metal, and plastic. Each materials present different style and durability.
  • Proper Room Allocation
    According to the office space, you will need to allocate the room properly. If you have a bigger space, you may allocate meeting rooms, manager’s room, working area, storage area, and pantry.
  • Proper Storage Area
    Every company have loads of documents and file which you don’t want to expose publicly. Storage cabinet is very essential to keep your document safe and need. Not only that, it help your employees to keep the desk neat.
  • Lighting
    At different corner of the office, different type of lighting is needed depends on how much natural light at the space. Some room may out of lighting after division of space. Lighting is able to create positive energy and allows the employees to concentrate on the work.

By following the step above, you will able to utilize your office furniture to help on you office interior design. The employees and yourself my enjoy working in the office with comfort and energetic environment.

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