Benefits of Office Open Plan Partitions

For normal, we usually work around 8 hours a day. It is important for employers to spend some money investing on good furniture and partition plan. Nowadays, we are most likely work in a office with small space and big amount of colleagues. When this is the issue, the privacy of an individual is lesser. We believe that communications help on office operations. Since 1960s, office open plan systems were practiced in the west. In Malaysia, there is more employers use open plan partitions system in the office.

Improved communication

By adapting open plan partition system, employees can communicate easier and collaborate among colleagues. However, you will need to sacrifice privacy. The relationships between colleagues are better. When brainstorming for a project, everyone can share their idea with each other and came out a great idea. When a manager wants to make an announcement, they can do it in front of office. If there is any problem, they can rise out and settle it easily and quickly.

Better contact with managers

In traditional office system, you could hardly see the face of your superiors or managers. If the office practices open plan office, it encourage the subordinates to take initiative to approach their superiors to raise a question or share information. Manager can also easily monitor the working progress of their subordinates. Isn’t this is a great way to communicate?

Increased productivity

Not to deny, Malaysians has the “laziness” culture. When we see manager around us, it will definitely push us to work things much quicker and better. Employees will feel being watched with the presence of manager. The gossiping among the employees can also keep to minimum. They can be more concentrate on their work.

More creativity

People always mention that criticism drives improvement. Open plan office system is just like a public competition. When sitting in a more competitive environment, ideas can share among each other. During discussion, one can point out another point to support or improve the initial idea. It is always two better than one. After discussing, there will be a better idea to help on the projects which also benefits to the company too.

Economic benefits

Office open plan system is another way to save money. Using a ready setup system is cheaper than renovations. Using open plan partitions system not only saving space, but also offers flexibility too. You can customize the placement according to project ongoing and addition of employees in your office. Besides of saving money from desktop, shelves and cabins, decorate your office with partitions is an economic way. The cost of applying open plan partitions is cheaper than renovating the office, which you can’t customize it in the future.

Of course, everything has their advantages and disadvantages. One has to make comparison according to the need and environment. Many office partitions manufacturers provide various types of material and colours to meet your needs. Before deciding which manufacturer to work with, make sure you compare all the elements such as price, quality, and after purchase services.

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