Office Partition in Malaysia

Offices partitions help divide spaces and sectors in an open office plan. The idea is to allow employees to work under an extent of privacy while maintaining collaboration in an open communicative environment. Open plan and office partition system have its roots back to the 1960s, which where studies show efficiency boost in the particular office design. Since then companies have started to practice open plan system for better collaboration and minimal bureaucracy.

Techno Furniture has been in the business with years of experiences, specializing in office partition systems which are mostly integrated into our office system furniture. We only manufacture office partitions with the best quality – cushions, fabric, steel frames and bases etc. On top of that, our offering on office partition comes in a wide color variation, which we are confident to suit your taste. Feel free to browse though our catalogue to find the perfect partition for your office, or best drop us a call to find out more.

Office System Furniture in Malaysia