Office Space Planning Guide by Office Furniture Manufacturer

The modern office space partially leads to lack communication between employees in the office. It is important to keep the office in effective work flow while maintain communicate with colleagues to enhance productivity. To effectively plan for your office space, Techno Furniture as an office furniture manufacturer would like to share with you some guide on planning.

1) Divide Office Space Based on Requirement
When planning office space, the first area will be working space, followed by support space. The working space is where the employees working, then support space store all the equipment and items that support daily work. Some company like advertising firms requires frequent brainstorming session. It is recommended to plan a brainstorm room where the team can sit down for discussions regarding the project.

2) Use Shared Spaces Instead Individual Spaces
As the organizations grow, you are required making some adjustment to make up new space by removing the wall and create cubicles for new employees. When expanding, consider on removing cubical wall. A locker space in the office allows the employees to store their personal items which help to keep their individual space neat and clean. When the workspace is uncluttered, it increases the productivity and communication between employees.

3) Correct Workstation Setup
The modern design of workstation takes minimum space of the desk. Make sure your laptop or monitor screen place at least one hand distance. Sharing a telephone line between two desks can help to decrease the noise in the office. Encourage the employees to have some informal communication and spend some time tidy up their desk before leaving office. Ergonomic office furniture can also enhance productivity of employees.

4) Meeting Spaces for Multipurpose
Having a meeting room provides a space for interaction between teams. However, avoid using glass door and wall for meeting as we can be distracted by outside. Also, allow the meeting room transform into training room or other purpose in the future.

5) Using Curved and Angled Furniture for Shared Spaces
If you are planning for shared space, it is recommended using curved desk for combining several employees in order to save the space in the office. Items such as files desks, printers, and water dispensers should be placed away from working area. This encourages the employees to practice neat file storage and paper handling in the office.

6) Environmental Control Matters
For a better environment of office space, it should have the ability of environmental control. The employees should able to adjust the temperature easily. A large piece of windows should be installing to allow fresh air and natural light into the office. This can also help on reducing electricity bills.

7) Comfortable Waiting Area for Your Visitors and Clients
Another important area in the office is waiting area. This area contains comfortable sofas and desk to encourage friendly space for discussion. This allows the visitors and clients to take a short break while waiting for the person to meet.

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