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In modern office, the space design may lead to lack communication between employees. It is recommended keeping an effective work flow while keeping the communication between employees in the office to enhance the productivity of company. Nowadays, office system manufacturer like us, Techno Furniture will provide you some tips on managing your office space. Below is the effective planning of the office spaces.

1) Divide Office Space Following Requirement Basis
The first thing to concern about is staff space, followed by support space. Staff space refers to where the employees work while support space refers to places where all the equipment is stored. If your office nature require frequent brainstorm among team, a room for discussion where they can sit together to discuss is good. This can avoid distraction from others and giving privacy to the team.

2) Focus on Shared Spaces Rather Than Individual Spaces
When the organization grows and recruit more people, more space are needed by removing walls and creates cubicles. As the employer, you can give each individual under desk cabinet to store personal item. This can help on saving space while each individual space is neatly organized.

3) Correct Workstation Setup
It is important to choose the correct workstation system for the office. Most of the modern workstation nowadays takes minimal space on employee table. If you are using desktop, it is best to include a keyboard tray to make your long hours typing comfortable. The chairs should also focus on ergonomics to make sure the employees and you feel comfortable. This will enhance productivity of employees.

4) Meeting Spaces That Double As Training Rooms
Sometimes, one thing can be use for several purposes, same as meeting room! Meeting room allow you to do several task: meeting clients, interview new recruitment, and training purpose. Make sure you do not add glass door and glass wall to meeting room to avoid distraction from outside. Determine the nature of your company and the purpose of meeting room before deciding what furniture to use.

5) Using Curved and Angled Furniture for Shared Spaces
Combining curved workstation for several employees can effectively save space in the office. Facilities like file desks, printers, and water dispensers should place away from staff place. Locate files cabinets on one side of the wall so that the files can be organize neatly.

6) Environmental Control Matters
Something we shouldn’t ignore about the office is environment matters. Your office space should easily change the environment such as air, light and temperature. Let the sunlight expose into the office to keep the employees refreshed and reduce the electricity bills in the office. Sometimes, the windows can be open to let the fresh air get into office.

7) Introduce Soft Meeting Rooms and Open Informal Rooms
Soft meeting rooms are used for client meetings purpose. The room use sofas and desks to create a comfortable environment for discussion. Open informal rooms have the similarity with soft meeting rooms, employees can have some coffee or light meal while discussing. The furniture used is innovative and modern at the same time.

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