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If you are a working adult who work in office, you will definitely concern about the overall environment. How to define a productive office? We as an office furniture manufacturer suggest that the below elements are the sign of productive office environment.

Working Desk Area

To define whether the office is productive, the layout of office work desk area shows how much the company willing to invest for the employees. It is important to create a productive working area. If the employees work in a random setup environment which all the sits are not organized properly, it definitely affects their work efficiency. Invest in high quality office system or cubicle can create a comfortable and productive office environment.

Good Lighting

It is not surprise that lighting is one of the important elements of a productive office. It is not recommend using dim light or installing random lighting fixture in the office, as it does not benefit the employees on reading documents or comfortable sight. A productive office should have bright lights to allow the employees read clearly and have a better sight on computer screen. Good lighting can help to decrease eye strain too.

Ergonomics and Comfortable Environment

Ergonomics is an important feature of a productive office. The common ergonomics furniture is office chairs, office table, and monitor support. If these are not enough to support your employees, allow them to bring their own ergonomic support. If the office is comfortable and equipped with ergonomics furniture, it can decrease body strain happened on employees. This will also increase the health level of employees and decrease the percentage of taking sick leaves.

Cheerful Working Environment

Some business owner might out of idea on decorating office. One of the recommended decorations is hang up high quality and professional photos during events. These photos may provide some motivation and positive mood to the employees. Beautiful pictures like flowers and scenery are some of the example to hang on the wall around office. You can also use colour to beautify the office environment. It is not necessary to paint your office with rainbow colours, but you can use some bright colours like blues, yellows, and reds. Some office use different colour to divide different department, such as marketing team area in green area, sales team in purple colour, and IT team works in blue area.

Good Office Management

An office with good management has a proper procedure when executing a task. Manager from different departments are working together and communicate to complete the projects. Managers will be guiding the teams and divide the works accordingly. Team based solutions are always much more effective than working individually.

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